Rho, Thank you so much for repairing my items. I know you fix priceless things so I appreciate you repairing my inconsequential things. You are truly an artist.  Again it is much appreciated.
Laura Y., Morgan Hill, CA

Rho: The statuette has arrived safe and sound, thanks to your packing.  Now that I have a chance to inspect her in bright light, she looks perfect.  The restorations are not even visible, even though I know where to look. Thank you very much.  The result is most appreciated.
Valerie F., Boise, Idaho

The boxes arrived today and all in good shape.  We carefully unpacked the ivory and put it in the stand.  We could not be more pleased.  Thanks for the work you put into this.  We are in the process of ordering the display case to preserve this piece of art.Again, thanks for the great work you did.
Charlie C.,  San Luis Obispo, CA

Rho, Wonderful work.  Your expertise and diligence is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much!
Doc., Golden, CO

Hi Rho, I picked up my package at the post office this afternoon.  My dancer looks wonderful! I thank you for all of your good work. Best Always,
Sabina A., Montana 

Rho – High quality restoration, truly something to be proud of…I am very pleased to know The art will not only live on in our Family due to your talents but also will be “displayed” to a wider audience. You have my heartfelt authorization Rho and many thanks again. Warm regards,
John D., Palos Verdes, CA

Hi Rho: the pot is perfect. Thank you very much for repairing it in a timely and professional manner. My wife and I love your work. Sincerely,
Steve R., Berkeley, CA

Rho was great and got my delicate repair done in record time, as I am about to leave the country. Thank goodness for people like her who are at the top of their profession yet still deal with small jobs for individuals.
Teresa A., Santa Cruz, CA

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