Shipping Info

We recommend that a shipping company, such as UPS, do your packing as well as your shipping as they will then be responsible if anything goes amiss.

If you wish to pack the broken object yourself, please do the following:

  1. Wrap the item in tissue paper, with extra padding around projecting parts such as fingers or handles.
  2. Then encase in bubble wrap with the flat side of the wrap against the object, bubble side facing out. Use the least amount of tape to secure the wrap.
  3. The object and all broken pieces need to be DOUBLE BOXED. That is:
    1. Placed in a box that is roomy enough to add 2 inches of padding around the object, so the object and any plastic bags do not “rattle” around.
    2. This interior box is then placed into a larger box with 2 inches of packing material (this packing can be newspaper).
      Note: Double boxing is required by UPS and most other carriers, not only to insure safe arrival, but if a claim of damage (which is rare) is initiated.
  4. Place broken pieces and small shards in a separate plastic bag such as arms, legs, flowers in tissue. DO NOT tape any broken pieces to the object. Never put tape on gold decorations. If the pieces that are broken off are large, wrap them the same way as the main object and place in another interior box of its own and label that box “arm” or “leg” or “lid” etc.
  5. You will need to put sufficient amout of insurance for the object shipped. We suggest full replacement value, whether packed by a professional or yourself. Obtain and keep all receipts if you need to track your package.
  6. Place a note inside the box that includes your name, street address, phone numbers, and email address. You will be contacted as soon as the package arrives.

After an exam of the contents, you will called or emailed again and be advised as to your Levels of Repair options and the costs with a written estimate/ invoice. NO work commences without your signed consent and down payment.
Your packing materials will be saved , but please note that we may need to use larger boxes AFTER restoration as the object, with all broken parts re-attached, might be taller, wider and have more projections.
Return shipping charges will be calculated when restoration is complete and the object re-boxed.
Ship to :

Restoration Studio
5445 Quail Way
Carmel, CA  93923


Call us at (650) 948-4245 or email before shipping.

PLEASE: Only send us items that are in need of repair. That means if only one candlestick of a pair is broken, do not send the mate. If the lid of an urn is broken, do not send the entire urn. If the bottom part of a tureen is broken, do not send the top cover. It is unnecessary and will cost you more to ship and then resend back.